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In keeping with my annual tradition of goal setting and reflection around the new year, I have finally settled on my word for 2017 – refocus.  This word speaks to me for many reasons.  The short and sweet of it…2016 was a challenging year.  Challenges both good and bad bring growth and opportunity, and I am excited to be refocusing on the things that matter most to me as I start 2017.

As I refocus, some of the changes you’ll be seeing around the blog include new personal and group projects, and a return to the original reason I created this blog almost five years ago – to share our family’s outdoor adventures with friends and family near and far.  As a creative outlet, and a way to hold myself accountable to practicing the craft of photography, the blog has grown to provide me with so much more.  I am truly grateful to each of you who has taken the time to read this post, to the like-minded photography besties I have made, and especially to my clients from 2016 and years prior who helped me to realize my dream of documenting families adventuring outside in this beautiful part of the world.

As I am currently pursuing a graphic design certificate, I will be taking a break from outdoor family documentary sessions.  However, if you are interested in future offerings, be sure to sign up for my newsletter so you know when I will be able to get out with you and your family again!

And, although I am about a month late in wishing this…Happy 2017 to all!  I look forward to seeing what adventures this year brings!