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Meet A Little Rae of Hope

alroh_photographer_circle logo_edited-2Paradise Valley, Montana – A Little Rae of Hope Photographer – For a while now, I have been on the search for a way to give back.  As a documentary photographer who loves to capture those fleeting moments of childhood, I knew instantly when I stumbled upon the organization A Little Rae of Hope, that it would be a perfect fit.  Their mission goes something like this…

“A little rae of hope is a nonprofit organization devoted to providing lasting memories through the art of photography to families with loved ones, of any age, who are facing life threatening illnesses.”

After spending an afternoon last winter with a good friend who’s little guy had just underwent his second open heart surgery at the age of eight months, I knew right then that I wanted to be able to help families to capture those seemingly normal, absolutely wonderful, everyday mundane moments with their loved ones.

The photo below is one that might seem like a normal scene in any new parent’s nursery – stuffed animals, baby monitor, baby mirror…but then if you look closer, you’ll notice an unfamiliar looking machine – a heart monitor and daily log-book.  Sometimes we take for granted just how lucky we are as parents.  Documenting the Park Family was a quick reminder of that, and it was through working with them that brought me to A Little Rae of Hope’s volunteer page.

ALittleRaeofHopePhotographerI am excited to start working with this organization in the coming year and know I’ll meet some wonderful families who’s story will pull at the heartstrings.  I look forward to providing what I can to help them through this immensely difficult, yet wonderful time of their lives.

If you are a family or know of one that needs “A Little Rae of Hope,” be sure to go HERE and request a session from one of the 25+ photographers who have volunteered from all over the US!  And if you don’t know a family, consider making a donation, as every little bit helps!